Dr. Leistikow and Dr. Scott are both scientists. Dr. Leistikow in Medicine and Dr. Scott in the Science of Behavior, Psychology. They don’t believe in magic or magical cures. Their treatment is soundly based in the study of the brain, the process of emotional problems and psychotherapy, which is the treatment of those problems. It is true that there is magic in believing, but that belief should have a sound basis in fact and reason if it is to stand the test of time.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind such that one does not think about what one is about to do but simply acts based on well-established patterns of beliefs and behavior. When an athlete is “in the zone”, that is at a time for optimal performance.  The athlete is not thinking about how to perform yet is acting and reacting automatically. In this state, the athlete does not hear the crowd, feels no doubt about performing, can perform at a higher level than was previously reached and may even be impervious to the pain of an injury. This is possible because of the logical/thinking part of the brain, that we usually use in interactions with the outside world, becomes more of an observer. A different part of the brain takes over, a part that is better at managing muscles and movements. Want to learn more?


Dr. Leistikow Hypnosis

Since 1973, Dr. Leistikow has practiced as a Medical Doctor and board certified medical hypnoanalyst that works with all ages from 5-85 who are motivated to change their life. Dr. Leistikow considers himself, “the catalyst for that change but the patient has to be ready and willing to change.  Their own desire is what actually enables change to occur”. All hypnosis is actually done by our own “self” and professionals trained in Medical Hypnoanalysis teach and support our own journey to healing.  Dr. Leistikow was trained and certified by Deepak Chopra to teach Mantra Meditation and is an important part of his treatment plan for exceptionally anxious patients. (more…)

Dr. David Leistikow

Since 1975, John A. Scott, Jr. has been providing not only Psychotherapy, Hypnoanalysis and Marriage and Family Therapy for the public but has also trained hundreds of other therapists so that their therapy might be more successful. He is particularly known for his writing and editing skills, mostly on topics related to Hypnosis and brain function. Those who know him best also know of his love of poetry and cooking. He has served as president and chair of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts and has helped to direct several other charities and human interest groups. (more…)

Dr. John A. Scott